Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Top 5 Ways To Bring In The Perfect Network Marketing Recruitment

If you are in an MLM business (multi level marketing) then you understand that the lifeblood of your business comes from your network marketing recruitment. Today, more than ever before in history is the market ripe and ready to find the best recruitments for your team. The old-fashioned ways of meeting people face-to-face, phone calls, and direct mail still work, but even better is the internet and the many avenues you have now.

The top 5 methods of bringing in the perfect network marketing recruitments are as follows:

Attend local meetings. Join your local chamber of commerce. Participate in events such as festivals, conferences, and meetings. Focus on groups that will have like-minded individuals in attendance who may be open to your network marketing opportunities. Build relationships first and then recruit. Make sure you have business cards to hand out.

Start a blog. Do not make the blog specifically about your MLM company, but more about the products or services you have. You can recruit two ways by gaining customers and by recruiting for your team. This is done subtly through a blog. You will introduce information that surrounds the products or services and then you start to bring in the option to purchase and the opportunity to join. Gain the trust and respect of your readers before you recruit, which builds the trust.

Social media. Social media accounts give you more opportunities to connect with people from all over the world. You must build relationships with social media accounts. You do not want to befriend hundreds and start spamming about your MLM opportunity. You must show you genuinely care about the others by interacting with them. Talk to them about what is going on in their lives. Share their posts, and then work up to share about your products, services, and opportunities. Let your posts about your opportunities be only 20% of what you post, let the rest be about interacting with others. Just like with blogging, you gain trust first and then you are more likely to have others show interest in your business.

Start a newsletter. You can create a website that surrounds a newsletter or add the newsletter to your blog and to your social media accounts. Center your newsletter around your opportunity, products, and services. Do not make it one big sales pitch though. Fill it with good information, information that people feel they must read. Subtly lead them to pre-selling. Lead them to your blog, social accounts, or to email or call you. Make it easy for people to subscribe and share the newsletter. There are many email marketing programs out there to choose.

Write free reports or small ebooks. People love freebies. Create a report or small ebook (pdf file) to give away. Make the book center around issues people have, gives real pertinent information. Subtly pre-sell your products, services, and opportunities in the free report. You can give this away to your newsletter subscribers, on your blog, and from your social media accounts.

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