Thursday, November 20, 2014

5 years of the Golden Tulip Foundation

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This year the Golden Tulip Foundation celebrates its 5th anniversary!

The Foundation was established by FM GROUP owners, Katarzyna and Artur Trawiński, in 2009 and ever since has been bringing developmental, humanitarian and charity aid both globally and locally. The Foundation’s recipients are mainly children and youth.  Golden Tulip supports educational institutions in Poland as well as assist individuals in accessing life and health-saving services.

In this way, it prevents social exclusion as well as organizes and supports charity activities in the field of health, education, sports, recreation and social assistance.

One of the Foundation’s especially noteworthy projects led abroad are building and equipping a primary school as well as a health centre in Mozambique. Thanks to the donors from FM GROUP Poland and FM GROUP World, children from the Billi village and the surrounding area moved from mats spread on the ground under a tree to brand new roofed buildings equipped with school desks and other items necessary for learning. Completion of the health centre is planned for December 2014.



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