Thursday, October 9, 2014

How To Start Measuring Your Internet Marketing Performance

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You might have a killer digital marketing strategy that covers every content channel and speaks directly to each of your buyer personas, but plenty can still go wrong during the implementation process. Unfortunately, far too many marketing campaigns fall prey to a lack of attentiveness or responsiveness on the part of their stakeholders.

Ensure that yours does not meet this fate by carefully measuring its performance, identifying potential areas of weakness and applying the appropriate fixes before any problems become overwhelming.

Why Use Online Campaign Testing?

What you hope to get out of your digital marketing measurement efforts will depend on the goals of your campaign, and there are two basic reasons to test its performance.

First, you need to measure its effectiveness. Carefully tracking traffic, lead generation and conversion metrics helps you identify what your campaign is doing right. It can also help you sell the non-marketing decision-makers, including your company’s CFO, on the importance of a diversified digital presence.

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