Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kiplinger Says Direct-Selling Is One Of 5 Ways To Make More Money In 2015

A recent article in Kiplinger shares the following:

Of the many strategies to get ahead financially in 2015, one surefire approach is to make more money. You might be thinking that’s easier said than done. But it isn’t as hard as it might seem, considering the multitude of cash-generating opportunities.

In fact, here are five great ways to put more money in your wallet this year.

Ask for a raise. If you’re an employee, the obvious way to earn extra cash is to ask for it – if you deserve it, that is. So before you barge into your supervisor’s office demanding more money, build a strong case for a raise. Prepare a list of your accomplishments and how they’ve benefited the company, especially its bottom line.



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