Thursday, January 15, 2015

North American Power Terminates MLM Program

In an unexpected move, North American Power, an USA energy supplier, stopped the network building part. It seems it is not possible to sign up new network marketing distributors and therefore terminating the business opportunity for MLM professionals.

Kerry Breitbart is the primary architect of the creation of North American Power. Since founding the company with his partner, Carey Turnbull, in 2009 he has designed and created an expertly staffed and highly effective retail energy business. His ability to attract experts in the energy operations, finance, business development and marketing fields has made North American Power an award winning company – one of the fastest growing and most successful in the retail energy sector.

Mr. Breitbart is well known in the energy industry due to his national and regional advocacy activities. He is an influential member of the National Energy Marketers Association Executive Committee as well as the initiator of organized efforts to promote necessary changes to energy deregulation in New England. In addition to having been recognized on a major TV business news channel as an energy expert, he has been a featured speaker at numerous energy industry conferences.



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