Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trina Mullins Finds Home & Success With Trévo

In 2010, Trina Mullins was working in an office, answering to other people, and never feeling like she had enough time to see her five children. The “corporate rat race”, as she puts it, was weighing heavily on her as she found herself constantly stressed out and worried about her family’s financial future. She also faced daily health issues, including a severe case of asthma that she’d suffered from her whole life.

“I’d just lost hope of really living life to its fullest,” Mullins says. “But I always knew in my heart there had to be a better way, something more out there.”

When Trina was first introduced to Trévo that year, she saw the nutritional supplement as a way for her to take back control of her health. But she had no idea that it would be the “better way” she daydreamed about – the thing that allowed her to break free from the corporate world and reach levels of success she never imagined.



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